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PREMIER DETAIL (recommended)

$20 OFF

Service Description

As part of the Premier package, you'll receive an extended smooth paint finish as well as a paint protective sealant on the exterior for enhanced shine and hydrophobic coating as well as a Deluxe interior detail. ▪️ INTERIOR DETAIL ▪️ - Vacuuming - Interior Conditioning detail - Wash Rubber mats - Fabric softeners application ▪️ EXTERIOR DETAIL ▪️ - Exterior detailed wash - Wheel Brightener - Trim & Tire dressing - Clay bar - Paint Sealant Protection & Gloss +Windows +Door Jambs +fragrance pack +Organize -------- OBS: Every vehicle should be decontaminated with clay at least twice a year to prevent road grime from eating away the paint job. (MOST RECOMMENDED)

  • 280 US dollars

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