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Why you should avoid machine CAR WASH at all costs.

While many of us love to have a freshly clean vehicle, you may not realize that your local car wash place is extremely harmful to your vehicle. These car wash places may come up with multiple ways to convince you that your vehicle will be under good hands with their special car soap and "Touch-free" wash technique. Touch-free but not scratch free. These auto machine-wash may seem harmless and soft to your vehicle's exterior, but they are not. I call them the Destroyer.

The most effective way to create swirl marks (scratches and holograms) on your car, is by improper washing. Most, if not all, car wash machines are made of a rubber material designed to beat the dirt off any car. No, they are not super soft. Definitely not safe. These high speed car wash machines will hit and scrub the tiny specs of dirt on the surface of your vehicle creating multiple scratch marks, neglecting its deep gloss reflection.

How about touch-less car wash? Are they just as harmful?

Think about it this way. If nothing is touching your vehicle besides water, there must be a vigorous water pressure in order to remove any dirt from the finish. Just like the rubber car wash machines are scrubbing the dirt off the finish, so is the super high water pressure. As the water hits your car, any loose spec of dirt will rub in the finish before falling off, creating multiple tiny scratches.

Professional hand washing is the best solution to avoid any damage to your vehicle while getting rid of any loose dirt and road grime that could potentially eat through the clear coat of your vehicle.

There are many Auto Detailing or Mobile Auto Detailing companies out there. Make sure you pick a quality one. This will save you hundreds of dollars in paint correction services.

For more information about our services, don't hesitate to visit our website at:

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