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Car detailing Gadgets

If you’ve ever seen the Wings Mobile Detailing FRANCHISE team at work, or even other detailers, then you’ll probably know that their vans are filled with all kinds of tools and gadgets that help them get the job done. Detailing is a more premium service than a typical car wash, and so detailers need to use better equipment.

Water extractor machine detailing

Let’s take a quick look at some of the favorite gadgets and tools that detailers use:

1. Basics: Detailing Brush and Vacuum Cleaner

Arguably the most common tool is a soft-bristled detailing brush used for cleaning the hard surfaces inside a vehicle.

detailing a car door

I personally like to use at least two brushes, one wet and one dry, and they help me get into every nook and cranny of the car’s interior. I also make use of at least two types of vacuum extension, one for cleaning large areas like the trunk, and one for getting into the tighter corners and crevices.

2. Advanced Cleaning: Steam Cleaner

The use of more advanced cleaning equipment is a further area that sets car detailers apart from a typical car wash. One of the best examples of this is the use of a steam cleaner, which is a common sight in a detailer’s arsenal. It’s useful for getting deep cleaning power into the hard-to-reach areas of the car’s interior.

3. Foam Cannon

The foam cannon is used to apply an even layer of soap to the surface of the exterior of a car before you wash it using your wash mitt. We don’t always use it on every wash, but

we have come to see that using it does add more of a visual “wow” factor to our detailing process,

which is useful in marketing and when we feel a job is more “on display” than another. Of course, you don’t need a foam cannon to get a good distribution of soap.

Foam gun car

One thing the foam cannon can help with is working on the major visible dirt and grime that builds up on the car before you go at it with the wash mitt. As you’re applying the coating of soap, you can let it sit there for a minute or two and work, and that’s all made easier to do with the cannon. However, if like me you prefer to blast the car with a pressure washer first, then you don’t necessarily need that soap soaking stage, and the foam cannon won’t help you get to the more deeply embedded dirt.

Another benefit of the foam cannon is that it helps you be more cautious when detailing high-end cars where you might be nervous detailing it even with two buckets! The foam cannon is pricey, but can make those kinds of tasks a bit easier. I don’t recommend going crazy on investing in a crazy expensive foam cannon. You don’t need to overspend to get a reliable one that will last.

4. Automotive Soap

It’s a really rich marketplace when it comes to soap; “variety” doesn’t even begin to cover it. I like the Chemical Guys brand soap, specifically the Citrus Wash and Gloss soap.

Detailing soap

It costs a little more, but I like that it has a powerful washing action and for me it delivers better results. It also works well in the foam cannon, even though it requires using more soap to generate enough suds. Honeydew cleaner is good for generating more suds in your foam cannon with less soap, but its cleaning power isn’t as strong as the Chemical Guys product, so there’s a balance you need to strike.

Whether you are an existing detailer or are interested in starting a Mobile Detailing Business, we found that franchising is the quicker way to reach success as you would already receive clients to your calendar, all you need are the materials. Learn more on how to start or grow your existing mobile detailing business HERE


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