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Paint Correction Service

If you are looking for a smooth mirror glaze finish, correcting or restoring the finish of your car is the way to go. Because all vehicles are not created equal, it is critical that you leave your car under good hands.

Our specialists will analyze your vehicle's paint job to acquire the most effective results!

Starting at  $1080

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At Wings Mobile Detailing we carefully pick the correct product combination and technique to achieve a long-lasting, perfect result for your unique car.

Using the least abrasive product and technique that fits the finish of your vehicle, we are able to cut through the least amount of clear-coat, leaving as much "original" coat on the finish as possible while restoring the finish to a glossy look. 

In order to achieve a safe and impacable result, every vehicle is carefully treated from start to finish following the steps bellow:

  • Wash the vehicle throughout and apply dressings.

  • Clay the finish prior to buffing for a smooth-as-glass finish.

  • Two to Four passes of compound or polish with a Dual Action buffer.

  • Examine the finish for any defects using Iso-prop Eraser.

  • Apply Synthetic Sealant for an extended protection on the Clear coat, Rims, and Chrome.

  • Remove sealant with a synthetic X-press spray wax to reveal it's ludicrous perfect protected finish.

  • Price starts at $1080 

  Our abrasive technique removes:
  • Surface scratches 
  • Sanding marks
  • Spider webbing
  • Hologram/ swirl marks
  • Acid rain
  • Water spots
  • Paint oxidation 
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