What is a Clay Bar? How to use it.

If you open this blog post, you probably remember going to a dealership and feeling with your hands the smoothness of a new car paint finish. No matter what vehicle you own, a sedan, work truck, family van, sports, or an electric car, you will notice that that perfect smooth finish is becoming rough or slightly dull. That is due to contamination in the air such as, Tree sap, break dust, tar, impurities from rain water getting embedded in your vehicle.

Regardless of how often you drive or keep it inside the garage, these unseen contamination will slowly accumulate and damage the top clear coat of your paint finish. fortunately, these contamination can be removed before it even begin to eat through the protective wax and clear coat. Bellow you will know all the steps necessary to completely wash your car from surface dirt and unseen contamination using a Clay Bar. After the process is complete your car will finally be smooth-as-glass and as clean as it can get from any dirty residue. We will also follow up by applying a protective coat of a long lasting wax or sealant.


What you will need:

  • Clay bar (Found in any automotive local store, super market such as wall-mart)

  • Water hose.

  • Multiple Micro-fiber drying towels, or if available, Synthetic Chamois auto drying towel.

  • A bucket filled with clean, soapy water. (Works best with a clay bar lubricant)

  • Additional items will be needed that follows the last waxing treatment process.

Step One

Hand Wash your car thoroughly making sure there are no above surface dirt. It is crucial that you do NOT leave any dirty area behind as it can potentially scratch your vehicle in the Clay Bar treatment process. Avoid taking your car to a machine wash at all costs as it will create swirl marks (scratches) neglecting it's beautiful gloss shine. For more information on hand washing your vehicle correctly, follow our upcoming blog posts.

Step two:

When you get your new clay bar out of the box, you will need to cut it in half using a clean knife or your hands. Keep the other half clean and stored in the same box for next usage. With your new other half, soak it in water then press and massage the clay bar until it becomes one flat piece, as shown in the picture. Before you begin, have a bucket of water mixed with automotive soap or a Clay bar lubricant spray next to you. You will want to keep your car wet at ALL times. Do not clay in hot and dry surface. Now that you have your clean clay bar soaked in a soapy water a wet and cool vehicle, go to the next step.

Step Three:

You are ready to begin! Using back and forth motion, rub your flat clay bar lightly on your clean painted surface. Work in small sections at a time until you feel the paint is completely smooth. Repeat this process in the entire vehicle, Windows, and chrome. Avoid plastics. Always rinse your vehicle afterwards and soak your clay in the soapy water throughout this process. Do not clay dry surfaces. If you are using a lubricant spray. Simply spray on the surface before you pass with the clay bar.