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Why people will adapt to electric vehicle and a simple interior.

Car manufacturers are spending millions of dollars to create electric vehicles. They are becoming much simpler and reliable comparing to even the most efficient gasoline vehicles. What is making electric vehicle more attractive to the consumer now even though not long ago, maybe only about 4 years ago, electric cars were ugly, unreliable, slow, and easy to break? Tesla has proven over and over again that electric vehicles can be gorgeous, reliable and much faster than any gasoline vehicle out there. Will we adapt to the simple and empty interior of an electric vehicle? Won't we miss those gages and A/C buttons in between the console?

Interior photo of Tesla

The answer to that question is yes, we may just miss the actual buttons but only until we adapt to the touch screen and everything being in one place, then we won't even picture going back to the old outdated gages. Think of your old smartphone, before Apple came up with the nice full touch screen, you had your old keyboard where, in the newest phone at the time, it would slide out sideways. Those old sliding keyboards were the best thing ever invented to send text messages, now because technology evolved, you can't even picture how you were able to type messages using the so called, best keyboard ever. People would say; no, I won't ever get use to not having my phone button keyboard. Now they can't get rid of their touch-screen keyboard. So, if you ever thought you will not get use to a simple interior with a command center placed in one single tablet in the middle of the car, you may eventually look back and think of how you can't use actual buttons in a car anymore to control the radio, A/C, lights and windows.

Enough with the interior concept of the car. Tesla has also proven that EV are now able to run over 300 miles in a single charge of 30min (charging time) and they are fast. I am talking 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds, extremely fast, that is their new Roadster, a fully electric, four seater sports car. Because of the minimal mechanical parts that an electrical car consists of, there is also not much to break, no Transmission, engine cylinders, belts, which leave the car with an enormous amount of space in between the seats and both the trunk and frunk (front trunk). All it has is a flat battery panel underneath the vehicle with a clean, oil free, electric motor in-between both wheels. With that, electric vehicles will be more reliable with its life expectancy of one million miles or, as Elon Musk promised, we will give your money back for the new electric trucks. In my belief, we will adapt to the more technological advanced EV just like we adapt to Apple's smartphone. See more insights of the cars on our facebook page! follow us bellow.

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