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Ceramic coating Vs Clear Bra

When talking about the best Paint protection for your auto, we always ended up having to choose between Ceramic coating or Clear Bra, sometimes even both if your wallet allows. But which one works the best if you are looking for the most natural shine and the toughest protection?

The answer would have to be "both". Obviously, that is if you can afford. But it's really not necessary to use both when using a quality brand Ceramic or a professionally applied Clear Bra or PPF. Ceramic Coating lasts from 2 to 5 years if applied correctly, it offers a luster self-cleaning, hydrophobic finish, it also makes the car shine even more than when it was brand new. Most Ceramic has a hardness rate of 9H, that represents how hard the coating will withstand minor scratches and swirl marks, or how microscopically thick the coating is. Whilst a Clear Bra would be less prone to scratches because of its thickness, the ceramic coating will easily repel dirt that causes scratches because of its slickness.

Although a clear bra is thicker than Ceramic coating, it won't exude the same Shine and hydrophobic properties comparing to Ceramic. In addition, Rock chips will slowly pill off the Clear Bra vinyl, causing it to look ugly after a few years, as a consequence you would have to remove the clear bra and install a new one. Now, the ceramic coating may be more prone to scratches, but if you choose a quality more thick ceramic - say 9H, then you will have a Very shiny, easy to clean and hydrophobic paint (Wheels, windows, and trims). In conclusion, you can have on one side a coating that will exude a brilliant hydrophobic shine with some hardness, and on the other side you would have a less shinny and hydrophobic finish but with a better protection against the heavier rock chips.

Watch our video and learn more about pricing and benefits of ceramic coating your vehicle, visit our website.


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