Car detailing kit you must have.

Many of you have been asking what is the best auto detailing kit to have in your garage. When it comes to taking care of your care, we prefer to not look for the inexpensive products, but we go after the most effective and easy to use tools and products. We are going to help you create what we call the perfect kit to maintain your vehicle clean and protected for your weekly, every other week, or monthly detail. From vacuum cleaners to drying mitts, we will explain why we choose the following items and where to get them.

Auto Detailing Bag

Before you begin, you must pick a day to detail your vehicle. keep in mind that this service will take from 2 to 3 hours if you decide to detail both the interior and exterior at once, so decide on a day that you won't have errands to run during this time. Pick up, or take your kids to school first. Now this is a time to focus!

First, Pull your vehicle to a place where you wish to perform the detailing. Preferably in a shade area. Make sure you have plenty of space to open all doors and place your New detailing kit around you.

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Vacuum cleaner:

Vacuum Cleaner

We personally like to use the 4 Gallon Ridged vacuum cleaner which can be found at Home Depot. It's not the most good looking vacuum to keep inside your garage but it is very powerful and lightweight to carry around.

Since you will be keeping the vacuum at your home and not moving around in a work vehicle, we have a better option for you. For less than $100, you can purchase this Vacmaster 5 Gallon, 5 Peak HP. this powerful vacuum will not only look good inside your garage but it has some amazing accessories, a long hose, and a wall mount if you prefer to have it mounted. + you can have it shipped to your home from Amazon.


Microfiber cloths:


It is really important to use only quality rags to minimize your efforts in cleaning your vehicle and achieving streak free results. But you are not limited to the types of microfiber cloths, as long as they are microfiber. We recommend

getting 3 different colors of Microfiber rags; Black for Interior Hard surfaces, Blue for windows, Green for dirty areas such as drying wheels, door jambs and exhaust tips, Orange for Painted surfaces.


You should also need a big Chamois towel to dry your vehicle after being washed. After you completely dry your vehicle with the Chamois, then you should use the Synthetic spray wax with your Orange towel.