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How to detail my car?

In a few words you will fully learn how to do detail your car from beginning to end, step-by-step. In our previous blogs, we have talked about the importance of regularly detailing your car and the importance of doing it the right wait, whence avoiding machine wash. (Read More at: Why you should avoid machine CAR WASH at all costs)

We can also help you find a list of tools and accessories to have in your garage for your auto detailing needs.

How to wash my car

Follow the material and products used on this link for car detailing kit, tools and products we recommend.

Organize & prepare

First, we recommend that you park your vehicle in a shaded and roomy area. Make sure the vehicle is cool to the touch so that you avoid getting water spots during the drying process. Grab your car detailing kit and place them next to your car. Open all doors, remove any trash and the rubber mats if any, place them on the floor. You will wash them later before detailing the exterior of the car.

Interior Detail:

Start by vacuuming the floor, the seats and any crumbs from the cup holders and hard surfaces. Using our recommended vacuum, you will have with you all the vacuum attachments to get in between the crevices of the seats. First, start by vacuuming the front driver or passenger seat, then pull the seat forward before moving to the back seat and the trunk.

Leather conditioning

After having the interior of your vehicle fully vacuumed, the third step now will be to start detailing all the hard surfaces. Using the Interior detail brush, the interior cleaner and two black microfiber rags - One dry and one semi wet with the product, start wiping down all surfaces; dashboard, middle console, cup holders and door panels. You may use the detailing brush for in between the AC vents and crevices. If you have leather seats, you may use the same interior cleaner (Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant) to wipe down the leather. Following this process, apply leather conditioning we recommended with our detailing kit. Using the microfiber applicator pads, spread evenly and then dry the excess with the interior dry microfiber towel.

If you have stains on the upholstery that needs to be lightly shampooed, spray the interior cleaner or an actual upholstery cleaner straight on the fabric. Spread or brush with a soft bristle brush then dry the excess moisture with a green microfiber towel.

With the interior hard surfaces detailed and vacuumed, move to the exterior of your car.

Exterior Detail:

Prepare your water soap bucket to wash the exterior. Place the grit guard inside the bucket, fill it with water and use about 5 ounces of our recommended soap (Chemical Guys soap). Spray the water hose inside the filled bucket to spread the soap and create suds. Do the same if you are using a pressure washer. Use the water hose nozzle in the shower settings, spray the interior door jams if it is super dirty, then shut all the doors. Do not worry about cleaning the door jambs at this time, we will wipe it down afterwards.

Fully rinse your vehicle before hand washing. If you are detailing your car in straight sunlight, we recommend rinsing and washing only one half at a time - top to bottom. Then, rinse your vehicle fully.

While the vehicle is still wet, spray wheel cleaner on two wheels at a time, use the wheel brush to get inside the wheel barrel and wheel wells (around it). You may soak the wheel brush inside your wash bucket since you won't be using that water again for the car. After two wheels are completed, repeat the same process on the other two. keep spraying water on the car while cleaning the rims to avoid water spots.

After the car and wheels are fully washed and rinsed, start drying the whole car using the chamois towel. Only use the chamois for the paint. Remove any excess water from the vehicle. Next, grab your Synthetic spray wax, spray about five times on to the Orange towel and spread across the vehicle, including plastics, chrome and windows. Flip the towel continuously to the dry side to buff any product residue off. Avoid using the Orange towel for the wheels as each color have its own purpose of use. The Orange towel should always remain clean, use it only to spread wax and to dry, the Green towel should be used for more dirty areas - Dry/clean the rims and between the door jambs.

All is left to do now are the windows and tire dressing. Spray window cleaner straight on the BLUE towel, use the other dry side to clean off any remaining streaks. Check all of your interior work then move back to the exterior and dress the tires using the tire dressing brush. You may also spray tire dressing on a green towel and spread on the black trimming around the wheel wells.

For Any questions about how to take care of your vehicle, send us an email at: or visit our Home Page and let us service your vehicle with one of our Protective paint coatings and special services!

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