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A must read for new car owners.

One of the greatest misses perception that people have when buying a brand new car is that detailing is not needed. Besides, the dealership does that for you anyways. Although it is true that the dealership "detail" your vehicle before you take it home, what they do not do is completely decontaminate and protect it. If you want your brand new vehicle to stay looking shiny and perfect, you should treat it as soon as you can.

Cadillac vehicle

The hidden dirt is just as harmful to your vehicle.

Although it looks shiny and perfect after the dealership detail job, there are still embedded contamination on the finish of your vehicle that can only be removed with a Clay bar service. This service will completely remove any surface contamination that could potentially eat through the wax and worse, the clear coat.

Where is the contamination coming from if it has not been driven?

After the manufacturing process, your vehicle will probably be kept outside in the polluted air before they move to your designated dealership. In addition, even though your car is a 0 mileage, it will be transported in an open trailer where it will be attacked by bugs, tar, and road grime. Lastly, your local dealership will probably wash all the bugs off. But washing is not enough to decontaminate. It is also very important to re-apply a good layer of wax to restore that protective shield that was there initially. These contamination cannot be seen by naked eyes and will slowly create paint defects such as oxidation and a rough surface, which can be easily removed by doing a Clay Bar and Wax treatment.

spraying carpet protectant using Chemical Guys product

Interior Protection

You can always better the life expectancy of the interior parts of your new vehicle such as: Upholstery seats, Carpets, Mats, and Leather. Differently from the exterior where it is always in contact with contaminated air, the interior of your brand new vehicle is as clean as it can be out of the manufacturer. With that being said, we strongly recommended to always re enforces the layer of protective coats on any interior surfaces to ensure that the brand new surfaces always stay clean and protected from the harsh daily contamination. With the adequate protectors for each individual surface, you can drive surely that you will have that new car smell for a long time.

To learn how to Clay Bar your brand new vehicle, carefully follow the steps on our previous blog: Restore to a Smooth-as-glass paint finish.

We are a mobile detailing company located in Richmond, Virginia servicing all its surrounding areas. If you like to schedule a new car detail, feel free to contact us:


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