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A quick summary on Paint Correction. STEPS!

Are you fed up with swirl marks and micro-marring on your vehicle? Let me guess: you admire the sleekness and glitter of that wonderful auto mobile.

How about I walk you through the steps that will make it easy?

This is from one of the finest detailing services in the United States.

Wings Mobile Detailing Services, you guessed right.

Paint correction is the process of eliminating surface scratches, micro-marring, and other flaws from the paint of your automobile. It's an effective method for restoring the color's natural radiance. Are you picturing your lovely, gleaming car? Then let's go over the precise details.

To begin, we will go over the full paint correction kit, which works virtually on all vehicles.

The Full Paint Correction Kit

  • Car Wash Soap: You pretty much know what this is for, but did you also know that newer car wash soaps feature specialized components that can better permeate, extract, and absorb dirt, cleansing a wide range of contaminants from a wide range of vehicle surfaces?

  • Medium Clay Bar: This gets rid of foreign contaminants and particles that the car wash soap can't remove.

  • Iron X: As the name implies, it effectively eliminates iron contaminants from your car while also protecting the clear coat.

  • Degreaser: It removes surface dirt and decontaminates the vehicle.

  • Isopropyl alcohol: It aids in the removal of any oil residue remaining after rinsing. It's better to keep it with you because it's a real time saver.

  • Pads: We will need the orange and black pads for scratch and defect removal.

  • Micro fiber coating pad: You will need this to spread the compound on the car.

  • Ultra-cutting compound and ultra-finishing polish: This will help you get rid of defects on the car paint.

Before we begin, please ensure that your vehicle is parked in a garage with adequate illumination. Now for the steps.

1. Wash the automobile with soap before applying degreaser. You will need to scrub the automobile thoroughly before rinsing it.

2. Apply the Iron X compound and give it 5 minutes to take effect. After rinsing, apply the medium clay bar. After thoroughly cleaning off any dirt, apply the Isopropyl alcohol throughout the whole car.

3. Put on your gloves and spread the ultra-cut compound all over the microfiber coating pad before applying it to the car with any dual action buffer set to a speed of 2 to 3. Excessive pressure may cause your buffer to stop spinning. Repeat the process twice, and then wipe the compound off with a microfiber coating pad.

4. When removing the polish with the microfiber pad, spray with enough isopropyl alcohol to effectively remove the compound from the paint. Clean the microfiber coating pad using a brush, bringing the fibers up and removing product residue from the pad. After these steps, you should have an even scratched surface.

5. Using the orange pad, apply the ultra-finishing polish product to the automobile, then wipe it with Isopropyl alcohol.

6. Finally, use a 3D HD speed polish as a protective sealant to polish the automobile.

it is advisable to apply a ceramic coating after the whole paint correction process, as it provides a greater layer of protection and durability to your car's paint than regular car wax or sealant. If you don't want to deal with the ceramic coating yet, use the black pad to apply the sealant. Apply it with caution and ease, since going too quickly at this point might produce micro-marring on the vehicle. If your vehicle has severe scratches and deep flaws, you will need to get it repainted.

Finally, a detailed paint correction is fantastic and will have your car's paint sparkling in no time; now is the time to take that trip you've been planned. Ready to have a lots of fun?

Do you want us to handle all of your full paint correction and detailing needs? We have just the right package for you. If so, kindly book an appointment with us right away.


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