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Car detailing products detailers can use

In a previous podcast I shared a detailed hour-long conversation with a fellow detailer on what auto detailing products we like to use and why. For today’s blog, we’ve summarized some of the main topics of that conversation:

  • Glass cleaning

  • Detailing Towels

  • Paint Correction

  • Polishers

  • Starting Out as a New Detailer

Glass Cleaning

Detailers have a huge selection of different glass-cleaning products, including well-known brands like Meguiar’s and others. One that not everyone might be familiar with, however, is the Chemical guys product called Wipeout. This is a versatile agent that can act as a glass cleaner, clay lubricant, quick detailer, rinseless wash, and more.

The benefit of Wipeout is that it contains polymers that allow detailers to create a slicker, more resistant surface both on the inside and outside of the glass, making it less “grabby” and susceptible to buildups of sediment, dust and more. What’s more, you only need a tiny amount in a distilled water solution to get the best results.

Detailers quickly learn that not all products are as effective on all cars and their glass, and also that the weather has a huge impact on efficacy, too. It’s always best to use glass cleaning products indoors where they won’t streak or dry prematurely, but when the weather is letting you do and you have to be outdoors, sometimes there’s no substitute for a clean, soaked microfiber towel followed by a clean dry towel, or simply using a squeegee.


It’s easy to always focus on cleaning agents, polymers, formulas and whatnot, but you can’t forget the importance of good-quality towels for cleaning and drying. Smart and experienced detailers know that you don’t have to spend a fortune on towels to get quality, and that’s a good thing because you need huge quantities.

The best qualities to look for are short-nap microfiber construction, and if possible an “edgeless” design, which means there’s no lumpier stitched edge around the towel. Huck/surgical towels are also a fantastic option for cleaning, followed by microfiber towels for drying.

Paint Correction and Waxing

A lot of new professional detailers start with the “Microfiber Correction Kit” or something similar at first, but tend to move away from the kit for specific products like compounds and polishes. However, when it comes to the cutting discs that you find in that kit, they are hard to beat and so they’re still popular.

Detailers have a lot of choice when it comes to waxes, but Collinite wax is an excellent go-to

For those mobile detailers working outdoors. It’s one of the best when it comes to the removal stage, and doesn’t present too many difficulties even in tricky weather conditions. Its hydrophobic qualities are also very useful for outdoor cleaning, and even though it costs a little more, it will deliver about 3-months’ of durability.


It’s important for polishers not to get sucked into advertisers’ hype about which one is “the best.” Whether you need something affordable, or something more cutting edge, you can always find one that will work well for your needs. Never be afraid to look into the off-brand products, because they often include many of the same features and qualities, but might just be lacking in the brand recognition.

Final Tips: Starting Out as a New Detailer

To finish, my fellow detailer and I talked a lot about how overwhelming it can be for those starting out in detailing when it comes to choosing products. There are many different items, of course, but also even more individual brands to choose from. Do you need to get them all? Should you try all the brands?

To answer the first question quite simply, you absolutely do not need every single detailing product out there. Everyone’s local market is a bit different, and most detailers will tell you that they first start out with more basic items, and then buy more specialized and advanced products steadily as the need arises, and as their experience grows.

Don’t feel that you need to test every brand and build a mammoth collection of products from the very start. Take your time and find the products that work for you. Generating consistently pleasing results for your customers is what matters the most, not the brand of items that you are using.


You can always count on Wings Mobile Detailing to take care of your vehicle. They will come to your home or office and provide the best solution for your vehicle.

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