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How to Take Care of Your New Tesla

Here at Wings Mobile Detailing, we’ve recently acquired a stunning new addition to our automotive family --- a brand-new Tesla Model 3.

White Tesla 3 interior detailed

Tesla is among the hottest car brands in the world right now, especially in the realm of electric vehicles. We have instantly fallen in love with ours, especially owing to the gorgeous white leather interiors. It’s truly a beautiful car, inside and out.

One problem comes up in my mind, though,

how should I keep this new Tesla in this pristine condition?

If you’ve also just bought a new Tesla, then you are likely looking for the best ways to keep that addicting new car smell and the White seats clean. Below is our guide on how to properly take care of this awesome car.

Tesla model 3 detailing

How to Take Care of Your New Tesla

Tip #1: Get it Detailed

There are two key elements of the “new car” feel that detailing will help you to properly maintain, and those are:

  • The glossy, shiny showroom finish of the paint

  • The fantastic new-car smell

Car detailing is not the same as just getting it washed. It’s the most thorough and deep clean your car can get. It’s not simply a question of removing all the dirt and dust from the vehicle, but rather about restoring it back to its original brand-new state. This also includes paint protection options. So, if you want to keep your Tesla in optimum condition, then get a full detailing at least once a month or every 3 months.

We recommend signing up to a detailing subscription service.

Tip #2: Protect the Leather

An interesting fact about Tesla cars is that while they use “leather” in their interiors, it’s actually a material known as “vegan leather.” This means that there are zero animal products used in its creation, meaning we can all use and enjoy this material without any guilt. More good news is that the leather interior does come with a degree of built-in protection, and even without any further action it’s quite hard to stain it.

Detailing Tesla leather vegan seats

However, if you want to keep it looking its best, then you will invest in some additional protection. We recommend using a ceramic coating or nano coating to make the leather ultra-hydrophobic. This will mean that any spills won’t get close to the leather itself, and can be more easily cleaned up. (Learn more or request Ceramic Coating services)

Tip #3: Protect the Fabric

Besides your lustrous seat leather, you also have to think about the other fabric surfaces in your interior, namely your carpets.

Protecting tesla carpets

Get some fabric guard for all the carpeted surfaces to make sure that those spills we mentioned above can’t run down and stain the carpets instead. A big part of keeping the new-car smell is keeping your carpets protected and in good condition.

Tip #4: Look After the Hard Surfaces

Most Tesla interiors make further use of leather and high-quality plastics to finish the hard surfaces like the dash, steering wheel, etc. These are another key source of the delightful new-car smell, so you’ll want to use odorless, protective cleaning products when cleaning. If you’re not sure what to use, ask your detailer for tips.

Tip #5: Get Paint Protection

Finally, to maintain the shine of the paint job, you should consider investing in decent paint protection. There are many options, but the best one for most is ceramic coating. This will apply a hydrophobic coating to the outside of your car, causing the majority of water and dirt to simply bead right off the surface, leaving your car cleaner for longer. What’s more, it acts as a further protective layer for your clear coat and base coat, while keeping your car looking glossy and stunning.


What Are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Tesla?

To wrap up today’s blog, let’s consider for a moment the advantages and disadvantages of Tesla ownership. There’s always a lot of positive things we hear about these cars, but is that the full story? It’s best to know both sides:


  • Charging options: abundant superchargers on all major road routes, or easy charging at home so you have a fully-charged battery every day.

  • Tesla’s Autopilot system is incredibly smart and capable. It’s only SAE level-2 automation right now, which means drivers still have to pay attention to the road and be ready to take over, but it still makes for a more relaxing highway experience.

  • Even if you switch from a very fuel-efficient vehicle, you’ll likely be saving money on gas since charging is cheaper than filling up at a gas station.

  • It’s quiet, fast, and beautiful inside and out, not to mention low maintenance thanks to no more oil changes, fluid changes and other common car issues.


  • Range anxiety: even if you buy the long-range version of the Model 3, for example, with an advertised 333 miles of range, there are always factors that reduce that range. It means a lot more planning and consideration has to be put into usage to factor in possible long stops for charging. Even a fast supercharger can take 30-40 minutes.

  • Winter limitations: while things like your speed and driving style bring down the max range of your Tesla, winter weather brings even more reductions. Cold weather reduces overall capacity, which could knock as much as 30 percent off your total range.

It always pays to consider both sides before making a decision. But with battery technology and lifespan improving, and new charging infrastructure being continually added all over the country, owning a Tesla is becoming a viable reality for more and more people.


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