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Sail into Winter with a Protected Boat: Preparing for the Winter Journey ❄️

❄ As the winter chill approaches, boat enthusiasts know that proper detailing is essential to preserve the health and appearance of their prized watercraft. At Wings Mobile Detailing, we understand that a meticulous boat detailing not only safeguards your investment but also ensures that it's ready to set sail come spring! ❄


What are the benefits?

Boat Detailing is a crucial aspect of proper boat care, offering benefits beyond aesthetic appeal. We here at Wings Mobile Detailing understand that regular detailing not only enhances the resale value of your boat but also protects your investment by keeping it in optimal condition. Detailing services prevents algae growth, safeguarding the boat's finish and making it easier to maintain. Particularly important for dock-stored boats, detailing prolongs the vessel's life by shielding it from water-related damages and environmental exposure. Ultimately, prioritizing boat detailing is an investment in both the immediate appearance and long-term durability of your watercraft.


What you should do before you schedule

your detailing service:

Run the Boat for a Final Check

Before the winter sets in, it's crucial to run your boat one last time. This not only allows you to enjoy a final cruise but also helps identify any mechanical issues that may require attention before storage.


Video: Mr. Alonso, franchise owner in Boca Raton, FL doing a basic exterior wash.

Thorough Exterior Wash and Optional Wax

Our detailing process kicks off with a comprehensive exterior wash, covering the hull, deck, cabin, and all intricate components. To prevent water spots from acting as dirt magnets, we ensure the boat is thoroughly dried and wiped down, eliminating any trace of moisture.

Scrub, Lubricate, and Polish

From large boats to smaller vessels, we detail everything from canvas shades and windows to scrubbing seats and applying vinyl conditioner, our team pays attention to every detail. We meticulously polish stainless steel and restore the rub rail, leaving no element untouched.


Our careful approach extends to cleaning carpeting using biodegradable boat soap or mild detergent. We use a steam cleaning vacuum to ensure a quality clean. The steam also acts as a bacteria remover and kills unwanted lingering contaminants.

Clean the Cover

A clean boat deserves a spotless cover. We brush off visible dirt, wash, rinse, and dry the cover, ensuring the boat's winter canopy is as freshly clean as it is.


Investing in boat detailing before winter is not just a maintenance task; it's a commitment to preserving the beauty and functionality of your watercraft. Wings Mobile Detailing brings a level of expertise and dedication that sets us apart in the industry. We at Wings understand that your boat is not just a vessel; it's a source of joy, adventure, and countless memories. As winter approaches, our commitment is to ensure that your boat is not only stored safely but also receives the meticulous detailing it deserves. Our passion for preserving the beauty and integrity of your watercraft sets us apart.


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