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Don't wait until it gets dirty! If it needs a wash, it's probably too late.

Who doesn't like driving a clean car with a soothing fragrance? The answer is everyone. I suppose. However, the short term joy that a clean car will bring is not the most critical reason you should wash your vehicle. You will be surprised to know just how important it is to wash your car regularly, at least once a month or less.

First, let's state the obvious. Washing your car will remove any dirt from the surface, allowing your car to shine on any light. Keep your vehicle dirty long enough, and the accumulated dirt will slowly eat through the protective wax and clear coat, making it more prone to scratches, water spots, and marks that will obstruct the glossy finish. As a consequence, you will have contamination, scratch marks and spots on your vehicle that end up being a costly paint correction fix.

Just how often should you wash your car?

For a daily city driver, you can wash your vehicle every two weeks. By doing it properly, a two week wash will likely guarantee your vehicle to always look pristine clean and most importantly, it will save you money in the long run from running to a Paint Correction professional. This is the best option if you want to keep your vehicle looking shiny, and save some money along the way.

Another important point to make will be in the washing process. After the drying process of each wash, follow up with a quality spray wax. That will add a thing coat of protection while strengthening the wax on your car. It will enhance the shine, and increase the life of the wax on your car.

As you follow this simple wash procedures, you will forget about driving a dirty car, not worry about paint defects, and have a prolonged wax life, saving you money.

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