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Why should you Ceramic coat your vehicle?

Ceramic coating is considered to be the best paint protection that can be applied to your vehicle. Before ceramic coating existed, it was extremely important to maintain your vehicle waxed or sealed at least 3 times a year or every few weeks in order to avoid road grime from eating away the top clear-coat layer of your vehicle. Waxes and Sealants will avoid the surface dirt or contamination from reaching the top painted layer of your vehicle, but they only last for so long before losing it's effectiveness.

Now, thanks to this new treatment, you can drive your new car for a period of two to five years without worrying that your paint is going to become old and dull. Ceramic Coating is a revolutionary paint protection layer that is much more durable than any other waxes or sealant in the market and it does not require any expensive maintenance. The results are so amazing that once the car is protected, it will be so hydrophobic and easy to clean that even bird poop won't stick to the surfaces. The shine will be just incredible, better than any other type of coatings or fillers (waxes) out there, this is due to the Silica properties, tested by chemist specialists, that contain in this little flask. Since the preparation process is crucial in order to achieve a perfect bonding of the ceramic to your vehicle, search for a reputable detailing company to perform this service. After completion, your vehicle should remain parked without water contact for a period of 24 hours to completely cure. Your auto detailing specialist will inform you of tips to get the full benefits out of your coating.


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