How to apply Ceramic Coating in 7 steps

As you may already know, Ceramic Coating is one of the best Paint protectors for your car, RV, boats or even planes.

Depending on the brand of ceramic that you purchase, it will last for up to ten years with brands like: Gtechniq, CeramicPro, Cquartz, Gyeon, etc. Although manufacturers only sell these types of ceramic to accredited auto detailer installers, you could still get your hands on one of their shelf brands online. If you are a detailer or if you are someone whom is looking to ceramic coat your own vehicle, just be aware to take the important paint correction and polishing steps before committing on doing this service yourself. Feel free to contact our team at Wings Mobile Detailing if you have any questions about this treatment.

So let's jump right into the steps of applying the Coating to your vehicle step-by-step.


1st Step - Hand wash your vehicle -

Start off by hand washing your vehicle fully, if necessary using a degreaser to remove any paint surface grime before claying. Then Rinse the vehicle. (learn how to properly wash your vehicle)


2nd Step - Spray Iron Remover (IronX) -

  • While the vehicle is still wet, spray Iron Decon to the whole car, including Glass, Paint, and rims. Avoid spraying directly to plastics as it can discolor. Wait about 5 minute. The product will reach to the iron, making it change colors to purple. If the water did not turn purple, it means that there were no Iron contamination on the surface. After 5 minutes, Rinse your vehicle fully, leaving no Iron X product on the car.

  • IronX Product HERE


3rd Step - Clay bar -

  • While the vehicle is still wet, Clay it entirely to restore the paint to a smooth-as-glass surface, removing any contamination from its surface. Then rinse off vehicle completely.

  • Clay Bar (Amazon)