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Experience the Ultimate Boat Detailing with Wings Mobile Detailing

Boat Detailing & What You Need to Do to Keep Your Boat's Appearance in Prime Condition

Wings Mobile Detailing scrubbing foam shampoo during a boat detailing service

Boat Interior Detailing:

• Step 1: Rinse and then Foam Shampoo. Using a foam blaster, cover the interior of the boat, including all hard surfaces and seats. Avoid spraying this on the navigation (you will clean that down later with surface cleaner and microfiber towels).

Step 2: Scrub and wash to remove any stubborn dirt or grime using a bristle brush. Ensure you use elbow grease to get the main bulk of the dirt and grime off. Rinse off and dry.

Wings Mobile Detailing applying polish to the stainless steel surfaces during a boat detailing service

• Step 3: Surface Cleaner spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth for a spotless finish.

• Step 4: To protect and preserve the interior surfaces of your boat, we apply Jescar Power Lock Plus, a high-quality polymer sealant and protectant. Using a polish hex-grip applicator, we ensure a smooth and even application, leaving your boat's interior looking showroom-ready.

• Step 5: Polish the stainless steel surfaces with Mothers Mag Aluminum Polish.

Wings Mobile Detailing using an electric buffer to apply Jescar Power Lock Plus Sealant and Protectant

Boat Exterior Detailing:

• Step 1: Rinse and then Foam Shampoo. Same as the interior, you will shampoo and scrub off the exterior grime and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Wings Mobile Detailing applying surface cleaner to a boat during a boat detailing service

• Step 2: Treat the surface with the Surface Cleaner and microfiber towel to prepare it for sealant.

• Step 3: Rinse and then Foam Shampoo. To enhance and protect the exterior surfaces of your boat, we utilize the same Jescar Power Lock Plus sealant applied with an electric buffer. This step not only adds a layer of protection but also brings out the boat's natural shine, leaving it looking better than ever.

• OPTIONAL: Marine Ceramic Coating is an optional add-on to protect your boat's surface. It is specially formulated for boats and the UV and water exposure they encounter. It lasts 18 months (marine waxing lasts only weeks). Begins with marine clay bar treatment, then the ceramic coating service.

Wings Mobile Detailing applying tire dressing to the boat trailer during a boat detailing service

Finishing Touches:

No boat detailing is complete without addressing the finer details. While not on the boat, but the trailer, our tire cleaning and dressing services ensure your boat's tires look as good as the day they were installed, using Collinite Insulator Wax for a lasting shine.

Mobile Convenience:

With our fully equipped vans, complete with generators and water reservoirs, we bring our boat detailing services directly to you. Whether you're at the marina or in your driveway, we provide the same quality service and attention to detail without sacrificing convenience.

Wings Mobile Detailing van on a mobile detailing boat service job with a freshly detailed boat interior

For more information about our boat detailing packages and to schedule your appointment, visit our website, here. At Wings Mobile Detailing, we're committed to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your boat looks its best year-round. Experience the ultimate in boat detailing with Wings Mobile Detailing today!


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